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3.1 Unreal Head Setup

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Fbx Import Unreal
Face Archetype Skeleton

For Physic Asset set it as Face_Archetyope_Physics.

Face Archetype Physics

Set Morph Targets  to ON

Normal Import Metahod to Import Normals
Normal Generation Method to Built In
Compute Weighted Normals to ON

Unreal Metahuman Import Settings

Set Material Import Method to Do Not Create Material (OPTIONAL)
Import Textures to

Unreal Import Settings

Finally press Import

Import All

Double click on imported head mesh and open it's properties. Inside it find LOD 0 Sections and click on every section's Highlight to find the head mesh. Look at the scene at the same time to see highlighted mesh.

Unreal LOD Highlight

When you find head mesh's Section, set it's Recompute Tangent to All.
This is only for Head Mesh!

Recompute Tangents Unreal

Next, find LOD Info, set Skin Cache usage to Enabled.

Unreal Engine Skin Cache Usage

Then, in Build Settings, set;

Full Precision UVs to
UE4 Compatible UVs to ON

and press Apply Changes.

Unreal Engine Build Settings

Inside Animation Rig, Set Default Animation Rig as Face_ContolBoard_CtrlRig.

Face ControlBoard Rig

For the Post Process Anim Blueprint, set it as Face_PostProcess_AnimBP.

Face Post Process AnimBP

Last step for the settings is adding 2 elements to Asset User Data under Skeletal Mesh.
Set one of them as
Set second one as Asset Guideline

And Save all changes of the head asset.

Asset User Data

To finalize our head asset, now we need to use our dna file that we created with the Metapipe process. Import the dna file and inside import settings select your custom head mesh.

Unreal DNA Import Options
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