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2.3 - Mesh Modifications

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Modified Metahuman

Open Shape Editor and select your modified head

Maya shape editor

Inside Shape Editor, while Metahuman head selected press Create Blend Shape. Then Duplicate the Metahuman head mesh.

Shape Editor Create Blend Shape

Select your custom head.

Custom mesh

Right click your blendshape that you created and select add target while your custom mesh selected.Do the same thing for the duplicated Metahuman head.

You need to duplicate the head before this process otherwise it won't work correctly!!

Set your custom mesh as 1.000 and duplicated mesh as -1.000. That way we create delta mesh for our rigged Metahuman.

Delta blendshape

You can use this blendshape structure for all meshes.

If you want to change the teeth, again create blendshape for teeth and you should duplicate after joint transformation and add your custom and duplicated meshes as target blendshape. Set custom 1 and duplicated as -1.

After you do all your modification to head mesh, you can press
Save DNA.

After Save DNA if you want to make changes,
you may start from beginning. So make sure everything is done!

Save Dna
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