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2.4 - Custom Metahuman Body

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Metapipe Prepare to Export

Then press Load Body to import your Body_Drv file.

If you didn't creat it yet, you need to go back and look for body preperation tutorial!

Metapipe Load Body

It should look like the image below after importing your body.

Metapipe Body

Now we can move joints and match our custom body.

You shoul only use translate. Don't rotate or scale your joints!!

Metapipe deform arm

Import your custom mesh, and try to match both meshes by moving joints.

Your custom mesh should be in same pose with Metahuman body before import into the scene!! 

Metapipe matching joints

When you finished with moving joints, press Fix Body button. That will match the joints with the head joints.

Metapipe Fix Body

Fix Body and Connect Body works together. Fix Body fixes the joint positions and Connect Body links the movement of body and head.

Metapipe Connect Body

Select modified Metahuman mesh and inside Shape Editor, press Create Blend Shape button. We will do the same process that we did for custom head. The Delta Blendshape method!

Metapipe Blendshapes body

Before add blendshapes, duplicate modified metahuman and add both duplicated and custom mesh as target blendshape.

Duplicate as
-1.000 and Custom as 1.000.

Metapipe delta blend shape body

Next, select your custom mesh and root_drv joint. Go Rigging Section and do
Skin - Bind Skin

Metapipe bind skin

Then select first modified body mesh and then select your binded Custom mesh. Do Skin - Copy Skin Weights

Metapipe copy skin weights

Then you can delete old modified Metahuman and rename your new Custom Metahuman with the old ones naming.

Also put your new mesh inside the body grp, otherwise it won't export your mesh.

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