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1.1 - DNA Calibration Installation

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Search for "Epic Games Dna Calibration" on Google and click the "github" link.

Google Epic Games

On the right buttom corner you will see "Releases". Click on additional releases.

Dna Calibration Github

Metapipe currently uses Dna Calibration 1.1.0. Under 1.1.0 "Assets" section download "Source code (zip)"

Github Versions

This is the file below you will get. You need to unzip and rename the folder as "dna_calibration"

Downloaded Zip

The final look of your file structure and files should be like the image below. It should be inside "c:/dna_calibration". Inside it as u can see we are only seeing the folders of dna calibration. (data, dna_viewer, dnacalib.....)

Dna Calibration Path
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