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2.1 - DNA Viewer (One Time Process)

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Metapipe 1.2 UI

First press Update button to set your dna path. 

Metapipe Update

Press Open DNA Viewer

Metapipe Dna Viewer

Copy your dna path inside Metapipe Text Field and past it to the Dna Viewer's path field. Then you will be able to press Load DNA button. If you can't able to press it check your path structure carefully.

Metapipe Load Dna

After Load Dna button, select all meshes. Check the boxes of
joints, blend shapes, skin cluster.
Finally search for;

Gui Path, Analog Gui Path and After Assembly files


Metapipe Dna Viewer Gui

When everything is set, you can press Process to build the dna file of Metahuman.

Dna Viewer Process
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