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0.2 - Body File Preperation (One Time Process)

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Before your installation you should know your body_type. Body type is a special naming for your Metahuman body type. You can find it inside your Maya scene under rig - body_grp - geometry_grp - body_lod0_grp. 

m for gender
med for size
nrw for type



Metapipe Body Type

Quixel export Metahuman's in Z-UP axis but Maya, Dna Calibration and Metapipe uses Y-UP axis. So we need to set our character according to Y-UP.
Go to Window - Setting / Preferences - Preferences.

Maya Preferences

Inside Preferences - Settings, set World Coordinate System Up axis to Y. Body will rotate, don't worry we will fix it!

Maya Up Axis



and it is safe to delete them. (Don't save)

Maya Outliner

Change the namings of




namings are very important here!

Maya Outliner Metahuman Body

Select body_rig and do select - hierarchy

Maya Hierarchy

While all hierarchy selected, select all Transformation data inside Channel Box, Right Click and do unlock selected.

Maya Unlock Settings

Click on Show - Joints to see Joints in scene. Also you can uncheck 2 buttons on the top as shown in the image to disable lights and shade.

Maya Joints

DON'T DO THIS! We will rotate our character to make it Y-UP but this method will birng errors. So DON'T ROTATE FROM JOINTS. Transformations of root joint should be 0.

Dont do it

Instead, create a cube, drag root_drv on to cube mesh to link it.

Maya Parenting

Now you can rotate cube mesh -90 degrees in X axis. Joints and body mesh should follow automatically.

Maya Rotate

Drag root_drv file outside. Be careful to not link to another mesh! Then delete cube mesh. Final look should be like in the image.

Metahuman Root Drv Outliner

Finally we can Save it. Save it as maya file "Body_Drv.mb" inside c:/dna_calibration/data

Namings and paths are very important in here!

Metapipe Body_Drv
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